Biology, Genetics and Bioinformatics Unit – Publications


Highly skewed distribution of miRNAs and proteins between CRC cells and their exosomes following Cetuximab treatment: biomolecular, genetic and translational implications.

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miR 296, miR 298, and their downstream networks are causally involved in  the higher resistance of mammalian pancreas a cells to cytokine-induced apoptosis as compared to b cells.

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The Apoptotic Machinery transcriptome of human MII oocytes: characterization and age-related alterations.

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Specific alterations of the microRNA transcriptome and global network structure in CRC after treatment with inhibitors of MAP kinases.

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TAp73 is down regulated in oocytes from women of advanced reproductive age.

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Specific alterations of microRNA transcriptome and global network structure in colorectal carcinoma after cetuximab treatment.

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Expression profile and specific network features of the Apoptotic Machinery explain relapse of Acute Myeloid Leukemia after chemotherapy.

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MIR152, MIR200B, MIR338, human positional and functional Neuroblastoma candidates, are involved in neuroblast differentiation and apoptosis.

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Molecular profiling of human oocytes after vitrification strongly suggests that they are biologically comparable to freshly isolated gametes.

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The apoptotic machinery as a biological complex system: analysis of its omics and evolution, identification of candidate genes for fourteen major types of cancer, and experimental validation in CML and neuroblastoma.

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Involvement of GTA protein NC2beta in neuroblastoma pathogenesis suggests that it physiologically partecipatesnin the regulation of cell proliferation.

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Expression analysis of TFIID in single human oocytes: new potential molecular markers of oocyte quality.

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